Different Bag Printing Techniques


There are a few different printing techniques used to create custom printed bags. These vary depending on the type of material you want to use, as well as the style of bag that you want to create.

Embossing is a popular way to add a logo or design to your handbag. The process involves pressing a design into the bag’s material using a machine or by hand. This method is popular for bags made of thicker material, as it can hold up to the heat and pressure of the printing process.

Thermal transfer is another print technique that is a good choice for bags that are made of thinner material. This process requires a special heat press and can be applied to both plastic and paper bags. This method is often used for promotional bags, as it allows your brand to be seen on more than one surface.

Foiling is another method that can be used to add a shiny effect to a bag. This is an excellent choice for non-woven or cotton bags and can be used on jute, resort and rPET.

In-line Flexographic is a great option for printing large runs of custom printed bags, usually 5,000 or more. This method offers high-speed printing, volume price breaks and a larger print area.

Post-printing is another printing method that can be a great option for small businesses, wedding planners and promotional companies looking to order fewer than 5,000 bags. This method is a great choice for custom bags because it offers cost-effective, small-quantity options that are ideal for companies with a limited budget or short lead time.

Direct to garment is a newer digital printing technique that is becoming increasingly popular in the industry. This method uses special inks that allow for realistic results when printing designs directly onto the bag fabric.

This technique is also environmentally friendly, as it can help reduce the amount of waste that is produced during the printing process. This makes it a great choice for environmentally conscious businesses and those who are concerned about the impact of their print designs on the environment.

The most common type of ink that is used for this method is a water-based ink called Fusion 180. This ink contains Bio Base, which helps to improve viscosity and make it soft and biodegradable.

Besides the ability to use different inks, this process is also eco-friendly because it can help to reduce waste and increase sustainability in the printing industry. It is an ideal choice for environmentally conscious companies that are looking to promote their business.

Screen printing is a simple process that can be used to add a logo or other design to a bag. This is a great choice for smaller-quantity orders and can be done at home, as it doesn’t require heavy equipment or expensive materials.

This is a versatile printing method that can be used for custom printed bags, as it can be applied to a variety of products including paper bags and frosted bags. It is also very affordable and can be printed in up to 7 colors, including specialty inks such as metallic finishes. IF you need a custom printed bag for your marketing campaign make sure you hire the best Salt Lake City screen printer.

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